RCI Performance Staffing

Revised and updated, RCI’s Performance Staffing program continues to define “best-practice.”

Regardless of the tools and tactics that are available to today’s professionals, Performance Staffing serves as a guide to achieving the goals of any effective recruitment process.Performance Staffing was originally conceived and produced in 2001. Performance Staffing was delivered as a series of seminars that reached over 2,000 recruiting and staffing professionals across the country. We also customized the program for delivery to the staffing organizations of FORTUNE 1000 companies along with other businesses who wanted to implement a best-practice platform.

But that was years ago.

We recently introduced a completely revamped Performance Staffing Seminar Series, one that will show your HR and staffing professionals why the eight steps to Performance Staffing are still the best guideposts to follow when recruiting in the New Age. The core curriculum has been updated to accommodate changes in the industry over recent years. For example, social media and networks have become critically important, affecting employer branding, sourcing strategies, compliance and legal issues, and so on.

Performance Staffing is an all-day seminar that begins with a 30,000-foot look at the recruiting industry. This macro-view will give you a fact-based argument to convince C-suite Executives that HR needs to play an increasingly strategic role as well as realign the function of HR with today’s current realities.

The seminar then transitions to an in-depth investigation into each of the eight steps. We’ll discuss how the steps are used at your organization, as well as at the organizations of your fellow attendees. We’ll then help you set measurable objectives to ease the implementation of Performance Staffing at your organization.
Once everyone has a clear understanding of the Performance Staffing process, the seminar becomes a hands-on workshop that will train your recruiters in practical methods for recruiting in the new age.