RCI SociaLite

RCI SociaLite™ is a revolutionary way to integrate social media and digital marketing to achieve recruiting advantage online. We navigate the otherwise hopelessly complicated maze of systems, applications and life online to position you for success.

How to rise above the cacophony online


Social media and tools are redefining the business of recruiting. The question for many is no longer “if” but “how?”

Not every employer is geared up to adopt and adapt to each twist and turn of today’s complex and fast evolving social web.

For those that have a program underway, RCI SocialLite can simplify and streamline the process moving forward. For those getting started, RCI SociaLite will simplify and streamline the process from the get-go.

What is RCI SociaLite?
Quite simply, RCI SociaLite is a suite of tools that underpin your “social recruiting” platform. RCI SociaLite is powered by recruiting applications that are programmed to synchronize your changing needs with the social web’s perpetual reinvention. Best of all, this happens in the background freeing you up to focus on the bigger recruiting picture.  (more…)How RCI SociaLite puts you in control
Today’s online social landscape changes at rate that leaves even seasoned practitioners overwhelmed. But RCI has developed a system of checks and balances that predicts if and when changes will affect your recruiting, and when a passing fad is just that.  (more…)
What does RCI SociaLite do?
We can configure your platform to meet most every conceivable need. The core modules optimize the following functions:

  • Custom search and sourcing
  • Employee referral programs
  • Campaign and message management
  • Information management (more…)

What is involved?
Your Account Management team will work closely with you and your staff to take full advantage of the following technologies: