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Our mission is an unrelenting pursuit of innovative strategies and practices that help our clients find, hire, and retain talent.
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RCI Recruitment Solutions

Simply, if you want to improve your recruiting process, we can teach you, or we can consult with you, or we can do it for you. Pretty much in any combination.
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Develop a well-planned strategy with both short- and long-term results

Talent Management Consulting

Evaluate and improve your talent management, from the way you recruit to the way you measure performance and employee engagement.

Workforce Planning

Acquire what you'll need to forecast future staffing levels and bridge the gap between your strategic goals and the supply of available talent to make it happen.

Employer Branding

Understand how your brand is, and can be, imagined. Get to the essence of who you are as an organization and make it ring true for your current and future employees.

Candidate Profiling

Discover the make-up of your most successful employees and develop a profile that will help you recruit more people just like them, and maybe even better.

Candidate Selection

The success of your operations depends on having a pipeline of candidates who possess what it takes, not only for your new hires but succession planning too.

Employee Retention

Build career paths for your positions, survey the satisfaction of your employees, and develop strategies to keep your top talent from thinking about jumping ship.


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