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Planning for tomorrow means starting today

Is planning the weakest link in your workforce supply chain?

RCI Workforce PlanningNatural disasters, global financial meltdowns, and acts of war can derail even the most robust business process. However, many of the workforce-related issues resulting from “out-of-our control” situations could, at the very least, be mitigated by workforce and contingency planning. Done correctly, workforce planning can even take advantage of anticipated natural, political and economic lemons into (albeit bitter-sweet) lemonade.

RCI Recruitment Solutions has the expertise and research capabilities to work with clients to align their workforce for the needs of the organization, near- and long-term.

While acts of God and humankind’s self-destructive tendencies cannot always be accounted for, it is safe to say that economic, legal, regulatory, environmental, production and organizational cycles, for the most part, should be. As these changes affect the workforce in so many ways, and workforce planning highlights potential problems and opportunities as a result, to not carry out workforce planning as part of strategic thinking and routine reality checking, is itself, risky business.

Frequently we have to change direction because of unexpected events and happenings. RCI’s approach to workforce planning will help change “frequently” to “rarely.” Let’s talk.

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