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Seven Competencies: One focus

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RCI Recruitment Solutions: Where we excel

While change is a constant driver, fundamentals of the recruiting process continue to anchor our practice.

We never started out as a jack-of-all-trades. Despite the success of our original recruitment advertising products we soon realized that a single approach to talent attraction was, in fact, a disservice to our clients. As long as recruitment advertising was only part of a sustainable solution we were only providing part of a sustainable service.

While we are blessed in so many ways, Recourse Communications, Inc. (as we are still incorporated to this day) was not born with the instincts of a recruiter. We were, however, born with the faculties of a “surthriver.” Everything we have learned was either hard-won on a competitive battleground, or nurtured through strategic partnerships and acquisition.

Jack-of-all-trades? Not really. A “master of some” would be better. A “total-solutions provider”…that’s spot on!

Scientific Profiling and Benchmarking

We offer a full complement of services for establishing validated competencies for multiple (and emerging) job families.

Employment Branding

  • Focus group and brand audits
  • Reputation management
  • Employer branding
  • Subsidiary brand development
  • Job and career branding
  • Situational branding for employers in transition (including mergers and acquisitions; downsizing/rightsizing and outplacement; relocation and workforce displacement, etc.)

Sourcing Strategies

  • Short-term strategies (including traditional media advertising in print, online and broadcast media; names generation and direct sourcing)
  • Long-term strategies (including employee referral and retention programming; campus recruiting; diversity recruiting and inclusion programming; employer marketing to key verticals and locations

Screening and Assessment

  • Screening (including EEOC compliance; best practice)
  • Assessment (including soft-skill assessment based on scientific benchmarking)

Targeted Selection

  • Profiling tools and testing
  • Orientation and onboarding
  • Employee surveys


  • Employee benefits
  • Work/Life programs

Recruiting Technology

  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Campaign and reputation monitoring

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