Candidate Profiling

The key to good hiring decisions is knowing who to hire in the first place

Candidate Profiling

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Most every talent management problem can be traced back to a failed candidate profile

How do you recognize the “ideal candidate?”

RCI Candidate ProfilingYou’ve agreed upon the qualifications for a position. You know the level of experience candidates need to succeed in your organization. But a successful hiring process demands a complete picture that points to the candidate who will be the perfect fit. Creating a unique profile that accurately describes your ideal candidate is the first step.

RCI Recruitment Solutions can help you identify exactly who you’re looking for and why. Using behavioral, aptitude, and skills testing, we’ll uncover the key attributes shared by your most successful employees. These characteristics will then become the focus of a detailed candidate profile. With this information in hand, you’ll have a benchmark to finding candidates who fit your culture, share your values, and thrive in the positions to which they’ve been hired.

Our Candidate Profiling process saves you time and money during the sourcing process, increases your return on investment, and decreases your time to hire.

99% of job postings evidence the lack of a good candidate profile. We can help you be among the 1% who “get it›

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