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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Say “RPO” and many people think that means an all-or-nothing deal. We see things very differently. At RCI Recruitment Solutions RPO simply means having a partner you can always rely on, when and where you need them most.

Put frustration behind you.

Your toughest assignment… bring it on


RCI Recruitment Process OutsourcingWe support some of the largest organizations in the world, and everyday employers too.

At RCI we understand how to deliver quantifiable and improved results without compromising the intangibles that make for a great business partner—quality, service and reliability.

Our services are scalable
Whether you’re looking for one person or a thousand people, or whether you’re looking to improve a single recruiting function or reinvent your entire process, you need to know that the process of quality talent acquisition and retention does not have to be an overly painful activity. (more…)

We’re not “just” recruiters
As a complete RPO provider, we are so much more than a traditional recruiting firm. Far from it. We employ specialists in every facet of talent acquisition. From profiling to branding to sourcing to screening to selecting to onboarding to retention, we can be your partner for every step of the employment lifecycle. (more…)

Just-In-Time Recruiting
Our model can help when your hiring managers need qualified candidates, and they need them now! We have developed state-of-the-art technology and have immediate access to huge reserves of talent. Our teams of specialists have the skill and experience to manage one-off assignments and large complex projects equally well. Key to our success is delivering a quality result without sacrificing speed and efficiency. (more…)

Full-scale RPO
If you’re looking for a major improvement in every element of your company’s recruitment function, then our Full Scale RPO solution is designed for you. (more…)

List the things that drive you nuts about recruiting for skilled workers and qualified talent. Now, contact us today and restore your sanity. It’s what we do ›

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