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RCI TalentLocator

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RCI TalentLocator™ will search every corner of the Web for candidates who have the skills, education, and experiences you want and need. There is no more qualified and unqualified. There is only better and best.

Say goodbye to post & pray

RCI TalentLocator

Thousands of companies hired their ideal candidates with RCI TalentLocator.

If your organization wants to reach a larger number of qualified candidates at the same time as it reduces the number of unqualified applicants, RCI TalentLocator is the only way to go.

How it works
RCI TalentLocator searches every corner of the Web for the resumes that match the criteria you need. It can search for skill sets, experiences, educational backgrounds, and location. (more…)

How it saves you money
You’ll reach virtually every qualified candidate on the Internet without having to commit precious time or personnel to the project. No contracts to update, no license to get, no expertise required. (more…)

Why it’s best for you
RCI TalentLocator saves your recruiters from having to filter hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants, giving them the freedom to put their skills back where they belong. (more…)

How you can use it
There are several ways your company can take advantage of RCI TalentLocator, on top of which are half-a-dozen ways to upgrade the service to address and satisfy your unique recruiting needs. (more…)

Regardless of the size of your company or the difficulty of filling your open positions, RCI TalentLocator will work for you. Contact us today and discover how.

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