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There are two kinds of applicant tracking systems or ATS. The first requires you to change the way you work. The second is designed to conform to the way you work. You don’t have a cookie-cutter business. Why settle for a cookie-cutter solution?

Workflow without the bottlenecks.

RCI Recruitment Solutions - Recruitment TechnologyThe promise of applicant tracking systems is a potent one. Can your vendor keep theirs?

An applicant tracking system that integrates with your overall recruiting operation will increase your ROI and greatly improve your key performance measures like cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.

With the right ATS your recruiters will be more efficient, your record keeping will be effortless, and your reports will be far more useful. You’ll also be able to organize a centralized candidate pool that will make communicating with them much, much easier. Cool.

The promise  falls short of reality
The fact is, not all applicant tracking systems are created equal. The wrong one will actually increase your workload, to disastrous effect. Many companies even change their ATS after just three years because their chosen system can’t grow to meet their ever-changing needs.

That is why the RCI RecruitSuite™—an exclusive product that’s not just an applicant tracking system—it is developed

and designed on an individual basis, taking into account everything we learn about each specific client.

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Your ATS should be as unique and as individual as you are. Working together with you, we’ll design an ATS that solves your organization’s individual challenges.

RCI RecruitSuite is a highly customizable ATS that combines robust functionality with the flexibility and support necessary to deliver the solutions you need for today and well into the future. (more…)

Why settle for anything less than an ATS built specifically for you? Now you don’t have to. Let’s tal›

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