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Being in the right place at the right time should never be left to chance

RCI Recruiting Search Engine OptimizationWhen job boards are losing their steam, who will drive the engine of your postings’ success?

Today’s job seekers don’t start their searches on Monster, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired, or Indeed. They don’t even start their searches on Twitter or LinkedIn. They do the same thing that everybody else does when they want to find something on the Internet. They use a search engine, Google being the most popular.

Crunch the numbers
The number of searches each month eclipse the combined visits to the major job boards combined, and then some. Every month, over 500 million people conduct a job-related search on Google, and that’s just on Google. The number gets even larger when you add in the other search engines.

What do the biggest job boards get? Both Monster and CareerBuilder pull in about 23 million visitors a month. Of the job aggregators, Indeed receives about 50 million unique visitors per month, while Simply Hired gets about 16 million.

Add ’em all up, and you’re still only talking about less than a quarter of the job searches that start on Google.

But How Do You “Post” to Google?
Because the search engines are not job boards, you can’t just cut Google a check and get your posting to the top of the search results page. Well, you could, but instead of being filed with the organic search results, your posting would get relegated to the ad listings on the side of the page, a location that web users have long been trained to ignore.

The trick is getting your posting listed high in the organic results, where 100% of job searchers will see it.

Top placement in the search engine results where job seekers can find you.
Building on our expertise in Recruitment SEO and capitalizing on our expansive network of over 250,000 multichannel partnerships, RCI Job Optimizer can get your posting ranked highly on all the major search engines. You can even choose whether to target local, regional, national, or international candidates.

RCI Job Optimizer ensures that your posting is seen by the greatest number of the interested candidates searching online. We can improve the quantity and quality of traffic to your careers page near-term and over time.

Getting started requires no technical knowledge on your part. We’ll take care of everything, from optimizing your job posting with the rich keywords your target audience is using to conduct their searches to coordinating the link-building strategies you’ll need to earn the trust of the search engines.

RCI Job Optimizer as a standalone service is powerful. Combined with other RCI solutions it’s unstoppable.
How much power can you handle?

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