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Most call it ‘Executive Search.’ We call it ‘Hires Found.’

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When it comes to headhunters, pick the one with more than brains.

RCI Executive Search

Executive Search: The science of attraction. The art of persuasion.

On the surface our involvement in executive search may seem to be a contradiction. After all, most of what we provide for clients is designed to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and enable a long-term relationship between the employer and their employees.

With those happy exceptions that prove the rule, third-party search is not cheap. Quite the opposite. And, using search firms is not the most efficient way to find, attract, hire and retain employees. Far from it. As for creating enduring employment, a “good recruiter” will be knocking on your new hire’s door in 24 months time, just to “check-in.” It goes without saying, the fee might be fat but it doesn’t last forever.

Our approach to executive search is carefully considered with these realities in mind. If we are to be a true recruitment process resource, ready and able to meet any challenge, we must also provide the services that accompany the kind of high-level, executive recruiting which, properly, should be handled by a trusted and reliable rainmaker. Whether discretion and confidentiality are the imperative,

or simply knowing that a seasoned recruiter who has a powerhouse like RCI behind them is still able to reduce costs, improve efficiency and add significant value, there is no better partner than RCI Recruitment Solutions.

Ask our clients and ask our candidates too.

Ask about our professionalism, methodology, and our resources. Get the facts about the results we deliver, and the ROI we manage. But first, ask yourself this: Why is there no alternative to using an outside recruiter?

Whatever the answer, that is the very reason you shouldn’t entrust your executive search to anyone other than RCI Recruitment Solutions. We not only know what we are doing, we know why we are doing it, and who we are doing it for.

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