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Employee Retention

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Validating your employer brand, performance management and workplace environment

Aligning your organization’s goals with your employees’ aspirations.

RCI Employee RetentionYou’ve spent the time and resources to recruit the best talent for your organization. Now, your greatest priority lies in protecting your investment.

Keeping your employees engaged, challenged, and recognized is one of the most important, and often overlooked components of a successful talent management strategy. After all, the best person for the job is usually the one doing it. Fail to keep your top performers and the cost of replacing them can range from 150-250% of their respective salaries.

From career path development programs that offer your employees with the motivation to excel, to employee satisfaction surveys that show the weaknesses in your organization’s employment offering, RCI Recruitment Solutions designs the programs and solutions you need to retain the talent that you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

What’s more, at each step, we measure the results of your retention strategy to make sure you benefit from the best possible information.

Keeping our clients is as important to us as keeping your best people is to you.  Learn about our vested interest in your succes›

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