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Our mission is an unrelenting pursuit of innovative strategies and practices that help our clients find, hire, and retain talent.

Relentless dedication with the miles to prove it.

When your only concern is helping your clients hire the best possible candidates in the least possible time for the lowest possible cost, you’re going to want to have access to all of your options.

That’s why here at RCI, we offer the gamut of recruitment products and services. We have produced successful solutions that go way beyond our media publishing roots. We have embraced the opportunities provided by technology and life online.

And we have revolutionized the staffing field by taking full advantage of leading-edge innovations, many of which have come out of our labs.

Of course, this is not to mention the successes that come from our unique understanding of strategic staffing solutions and our experience as consultants for a myriad of clients.

In short, we are a premier recruitment solutions firm because we know how to make our resources work for your unique needs. Those resources also include our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

We have skilled people who concentrate on staffing research, artists who use their talents to produce creative communications, interactive wizards who program custom applications and technologies, a production army that is as fast as it is good, and account management that is second to none.

What’s more, each of these professionals is able to think and act on a holistic level. In an industry like this, our people have to be able to do many things at once, and do each of them well.

Got a spare $15 million and a battle-hardened leadership?

When you are in pursuit of solutions that will lead you to the best possible talent, let us help guide you ›

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