Recruitment Process

When the only constant is change every recruiting process should at least do that

Full-scale RPO

When outsourcing your recruiting makes good business sense, anything else would be nonsense.

Today’s competitive landscape is increasingly characterized by a persistent shortage of professional talent and skilled workers.

Organizations that do not continually identify, engage, and hire the best available people must carefully look at the options available to them. This is particularly important when the resources used to manage the full life-cycle of recruiting come at the expense of providing other mission-critical services.

In addition to helping reduce overall hiring costs, fill times, early turnover, and the risks associated with recruiting in general, a solid RPO solution must deliver improved levels of efficiency and service to hiring managers: that goes without saying.

What distinguishes RCI Recruitment Solutions from generic RPO solutions is our wealth of knowledge, our depth of experience, our proprietary methods,

and our technical savvy, all of which allows us to deliver a fully customized and integrated solution for your organization.

RCI Recruitment Solutions possesses something hard to find among our competition: we have the ability to become transparently embedded in your business, operations, and success.

We can help you realize the possibilities inherent in your workforce by aligning our best-practices with your corporate and strategic goals to deliver measurable results that could only be achieved in true partnership.

In the final analysis, our complete RPO solution will release the potential of your human capital with the least demand on your own operations and personnel. And in a world where speed, aptitude, and resolve still matter, your newfound competitive advantage will strengthen your place on the new frontier of talent management.

RCI Full-scale RPO | Seamless integration

Our Talent Management Advisors can check and improve every part of your recruiting function

Whether you just want an audit of where you are and suggestions for improvement or a complete, hands-on partner to lead your recruitment process through transition and into the future, RCI Recruitment Solutions has the experience, skills, and knowledge to help.

Contact a Talent Management Advisor here.

  • Workforce planning
  • Candidate profiling
  • Employer branding
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Screening and assessment
  • Candidate selection
  • Employee retention
  • Recruitment technologies
  • Corporate culture
  • Talent management metrics

In some cases, project-based recruiting may be a viable alternative

When you have volumes of openings that need to get filled, our project-based recruiting is the best option you have. Over the past 40 years, we’ve helped retail organizations gear up for the holiday rush, sales organizations staff new markets, pharmaceutical companies launch new drugs, and manufacturing organizations create nationwide, supply-chain and distribution centers.

Our experts have sourced enough qualified candidates to fill these high-volume positions, and they’ve done it in time frames that are, frankly speaking, absolutely ridiculous.

We can do the same for you.

Our Talent Management Advisors are expert in simplifying the complex and re-ordering the disorganized. Contact us and explore what is possible.